Dalit girl’s rape and murder by ex-army personnel; Father says there are attempts to fudge the FIR

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A sixteen years old Dalit girl is raped and murdered by an ex- army man in Bihar’s Darbhanga district. It happened on past Wednesday and barely there is ground reports in national media published yet. Jyoti Paswan was raped to death while she went to pick mangoes. Retired army subedar Arjun Prasad Mishra, the accused in the case is absconding, even after he was made present at the police station following the protests by her family and people.

Local news reports cite that when enraged Dalits assembled at the house of the accused and protested, Arjun Mishra took refuge in police station. Jyoti Paswan’s father Ashok Paswan said that when they found her missing they made a search and found the dead body in Arjun Mishra’s garden.

“My daughter used to get up early in the morning to attend tuition. These days she don’t have to go. She was roaming around in the field, she found mangoes there. She was dragged into his house and was raped. He slit her throat, broke her arm.We told them the child might have come for mangoes and you might have locked her in.” Ashok Paswan also said that Arjun Mishra’s wife Poonam Devi, while threatened said that her husband is the one who killed the girl, she didn’t. He alleged that a deal is made between Mishra and the police officers to fudge the FIR and erase what really happened. “SP was recording statement wrongly that she died of electric shock”, Ashok Paswan said.

“A minor girl from Paswan community (SC) is raped and murdered by ex-army personnel Arjun Sharma. Shameful. The administration must act and ensure justice by arresting all the accused in this case. If that is not done, expect state level agitation” said Azad Samaj Party chief Chandrasekhar Azad in a tweet addressed to Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar.

A social media campaign demanding justice for Jyoti is on under the hashtag #JusticeforJyoti

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