Suspension allowance unpaid: Dr Kafeel Khan plans to approach Supreme Court against UP government

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Suspended paediatrician and encephalitis specialist of BRD Medical college Gorakhpur Dr Kafeel Khan plans to file contempt of court petition at the Supreme court and Alahabad High court as the government is yet to pay his suspension allowance since August 2017.

“Yogi government have not yet released my payment due yet, neither they have acted on my suspension, so I am moving with application in Supreme Court and High Court on first and second July citing contempt of court.” Dr Kafeel said.

On May 10th the Supreme Court had asked the Uthar Pradesh government to pay all the due suspension allowance to Dr Kafeel Khan, who was vindictively convicted during the ‘oxygen cylinder tragedy’ that killed more than hundred children in a day, in the encephalitis ward of BRD Medical college, Gorakhpur. This order was released considering Dr Kafeel’s plea to revoke his suspension. Dr Kafeel had responded that until his suspension is revoked he is not satisfied with this judgement.

“After I raised a question to IMA, they have replied to my mail and they invited me to Delhi for a meeting. They offered me help. I will be going to Delhi once I am done with the medical camps in Bihar.” says Dr Kafeel.

The government replying to an RTI had admitted that they have committed a grave mistake by not paying the bills of oxygen cylinder vendor and had admitted that it was not Dr Kafeel Khan’s fault. The Supreme court had taken this too into account. Before this reply to RTI itself the Alahabad High Court had given a clean chit to Dr Kafeel Khan.

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