“Now revoke my suspension, compensate the children’s parents”; Dr Kafeel Khan to UP government

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New Delhi: After the UP government appointed enquiry committee to Gorakhpur oxygen tragedy case published its report yesterday, acquitting the accused doctor of all charges, Dr Kafeel Khan demanded the UP government to revoke his suspension. Responding to what he had come to know from the UP government that the government suspended him again for “writing against the government on social media”, Dr Kafeel asked how could the government suspend him again since his suspension right after the BRD oxygen tragedy was unrevoked. “How can you kill a person who is already murdered?” Dr Kafeel reacted to the second suspension move from the government. “The UP government should give back my dignity. Compensation must be provided to the parents of the children who died due to lack of oxygen. And I demand a CBI enquiry into the case.” Dr Kafeel said to the media at Delhi press club.

“Though I am grateful that baseless allegations against me now stand clarified my main concern is that the government sponsored victimization of myself and my whole family, which is continuing, while I am struggling to survive, running from pillar to post for over 2 years. Now after the enquiry report has come I expect Government should revoke my suspension at the earliest and give my job back with all due respect,” said Dr Kafeel in the press release.

Dr Kafeel demanded that #BRDoxygenTragedy should be investigated by CBI to rule out any complicity of state officials in these incidents and to thoroughly enquire the culpability of persons who were actually in charge and were failing to clear dues of the suppliers.

The Allahabad High Court had ordered the enquiry committee to submit its report in three months, on 07/03/2019. The enquiry was concluded on 18/04/2019 but its report was out only on 27/09/2019. Dr Kafeel says that the delay could have been because of the parliament election.

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