women reporters being attacked at sabarimala by sanghparivar; police plays mute witness

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Women reporters of various media organisations are being widley attacked by RSS backed anti-women protestors at Sabarimala today. Police continues to be inactive as violent escalates at nillakal. Reporter of news website newsminute Saritha Balan was dragged out of a Public transport bus and beaten brutally by RSS backed Karma Samiti activists. She had been kicked on spine by a few of them. attackers assaulted her physically and abused verbally. Saritha was on a bust that was full of devotees. 20 men got in to the bus and attacked her. In another incident, erlier today a reporter of Republic TV was attacked by anti women protesttors at Nilakkal. Her vehicle was surrounded by a group of men who were seen wearing masks. ADGP Sreekant and his police team were present while the attack against women journalists were going on.

A News18 Kerala reporter was attacked while she was sitting inside her car. police were clearly seen at the incident. She was screaming in fear from the car as the violent mob was hitting her through the half open window. Her car was thrashed by them. Equipments of the media team were destroyed as well as the vehicile.

news18 screen grab

news18 screen grab

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