Ayyappa devotee urges to beat woman to death; video emerges

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A horrifying video of an Ayyappa devotee calling up to ‘beat a woman to death’ came out from Sabarimala Sannidhanam. In the video published by Kairali TV it is clearly audible that an Ayyappa devotee is screaming loudly “beat her to death” at a middle aged woman who is covered by police at Sannidhanam. The woman is visibly shocked as thousands of RSS men who are hanging around next to the Sanctus Santorum at Sabarimala temple charged at her.

RSS men are camped in the temple and the premises to block any young women who enter to visit the temple as the Supreme Court of India has allowed through a historic verdict ending the years long gender discriminatory custom at the temple.
Three women were attacked by male mob on 6th November. They were spared only after the police could convince them that the women were of fifty years of age. One of the three women who got traumatized by the Sangh crowd has been hospitalized. A woman from Tamilnadu also were among the attacked. Another woman was from Trissur in Kerala.


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