I would go to Supreme Court against my Suspension; Dr Kafeel Khan

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In a press meet held at Lucknow Press Club today, suspended Doctor Kafeel Khan said he is to move to the Supreme Court against the action by the UP government. in a press statement Dr Kafeel Khan made it clear that the departmental enquiry Allahabad High Court ordered for BRD medical college to finish is not yet finished. Dr Kafeel Khan also said he will file a defamation suite against Times Now for spreading fake news against him by portraying him as the Vice Principal of BRD medical college by that to misrepresent him as the responsible head for the tragedy. Dr Kafeel Khan also stressed upon the plight of died childrens’ families who are awaiting justice. He mentioned the case of Tunisian health minister Abdel-Raouf El-Sherif  who resigned from the post after eleven babies mysteriously died in a hospital meanwhile pointing out at the UP health minister who responded to the BRD tragedy as “in August children die”.

Dr Kafeel Khan’s statement

On 07-03-19 Honorable Allahabad High court has ordered Uthar Pradesh government to complete it’s departmental enquiry against Dr Kafeel Khan’s suspension within 3 months which is going on for the past 18 months despite Honorable Allahabad High court categorically stated that there is no evidence of medical negligence against me and I was nowhere involved with oxygen tender. I have asked to cross examine DGME, Ex Principal, HOD paediatric, 100 ward /Encephalitis ward Head but enquiry officer has not called them till date.

My next step would be moving to H’ble High court with Review petition or would go to supreme Court against my suspension. (Attachment -1 to 16)

Recently Yogi Ji government claimed that there was no shortage of oxygen and kids didn’t die due to lack to oxygen contrary to that in High Court affidavit, UP Government has accepted shortage of oxygen supply. Honorable High court in judgment on 30th April 2018 observed that there was shortage of liquid oxygen due to abrupt disruption of liquid oxygen supply which happened due to non-payment of dues to the supplier and that resulted in deaths of so many children.

BRD Medical college CMS letter dated 11/08/2017 state that “liquid oxygen is completely over ”
In recent RTI government has accepted that there was shortage of liquid oxygen for 54 hours in BRD medical College on 10 ,11,12 of August 17 and Dr Kafeel Khan indeed arranged jumbo oxygen cylinders to save dying kids. (Attachment 17 to 20)

Another RTI revealed that Dr Kafeel Khan was the junior most doctor (I joined as a Lecturer by permanent commission only on 08/08/16) neither Dr Kafeel Khan was head of encephalitis ward nor vice principal. (Attachment – 21 to 22 )

I’ll soon file defamation suit against Times Now and its Ex employee Mr Arnab Goswami soon for spreading fake news about me as Vice principal of BRD Medical college Gorakhpur.

On March 10 2019 Tunisia’s health minister resigned after 11 babies died in hospital (reut.rs/2EVpyJ0) but in the case of #BRDOXYGENTRAGEDY our Health minister who received several letters from the supplier asking for his dues and did nothing except giving statement like “अगस्त में तो मौतें होती रहती हैं” and finding scapegoats in the form of Doctors.( Attachment -23)

I believe the real culprits of #BRDOXYGENTRAGEDY massacre are those who received letters of dues from suppliers,their action should be thoroughly investigated to know the real facts and they should be removed from their post until pending enquiry including our Health ministers.

After 9 months of emotional & physical turmoil when I was trying to start my life two assailants tried to kill my brother near the Chief Minister residence and what followed later was horrible, unacceptable & insensitive attitude of UP police as they tried their best to delay the emergency operation to remove the bullets for many hours which was necessary to save my brother s life.

Its been more than 10 months and investigation is heading nowhere, we have filled a writ petition for CBI enquiry to rule out any complicity of state officials writ no – 18213/2018 dated 07/07/18
I also draw your kind attention towards the victims of BRD oxygen tragedy. Those parents who lost their innocent is still waiting for the justice. I demand that government should apologize and give compensation to the victim families.

Recently Yogi government is falsely claiming that they have controlled the menace caused by encephalitis contrary to that a recent RTI revealed more than 161 deaths occurred due to encephalitis last year till November 2018 at BRD MEDICAL COLLEGE GORAKHPUR alone.(Attachment 24 )

Dr Kafeel Khan’s Future Endeavour

Viral encephalitis is a major health problem in India, especially Eastern UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam and contributes to about 60% of the total AES cases all over the country. For the last 25 years approximately 25000 children have lost their lives and more than 100000 children have become disabled for life(post encephalitis sequelae).

My life mission and my dream project is to establish a 500 bed Encephalitis treatment centre in eastern UP to battle the deadly disease where both treatment and medicines as well as rehabilitation would be free for poor patients.

In free time I am doing free Medical camp for poor underprivileged children. I have done more than 25 free medical camp and examined more than 5000 children since coming out of jail. I also utilized my time by writing second edition of my book. My book “Manipal Manual of Clinical Paediatric”on Paediatrics is going to get published soon.

India health care system need a overhaul

1.The fundamental aspect of healthcare — primary healthcare — is in shambles.
2.Public spending stagnated from 0.9% to 1.2% of total GDP.
3.India ranks 145th among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare – as per a Lancet study.
4.India ranked 103rd out of 119 in Global Hunger Index.
5.50 percent children are malnourished and only 62 percent are immunized.
6. 8,02,000 infant deaths were reported in India in 2017 -UN reports.
7.1.5 L vacancies in health services.
8.Private sector consists of 58% of the hospitals in the country, 29% of beds , and 81% of doctors.
9.The public health sector encompasses only 18% of total outpatient care and 44% of total IPD
We have started a “Health for all “campaign in which renowned Health activists from all over India are contributing and making a health policy proposal with 10 main demands.

We will be meeting all political parties to include this to their manifesto
1. Access to good quality health care services without anyone having to face financial hardship–for all at all ages irrespective of caste/religion/region/gender/disability/ economic status.
2.Government should provide health services that are affordable, adequate, new & acceptable for its citizens-free consultation/drugs/diagnostics and free emergency care services in all public hospitals.
3.Increasing public health expenditure to 2.5% of the GDP.
4.Doubling total Health budget to Rs 1.2 Lks Cr/every yr for the next 5 years.
5.Fill all the 1.5 Lks existing vacancies and create new jobs every year.
6.Regularize NHM employees, Equal pay for equal work, social security for them .
7.ASHA workers to get 15000/m and Anganwadi workers to get 10000/m salary.
8.Cut GST rate to 5% from the current 18 per cent on health insurance premium.
9.GST exemption for OPD Products and drugs for serious ailments such as cancer and diabetes.
10.Lower GST rate to 5% from the current 18 per cent on medical technology solutions.

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