Hiba is scared of anything that is pointed at her; Kamran Yousuf’s heart breaking photo

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Hiba Nazir, the 18 months old Kashmiri baby hit by pellets on her eye is in fear and shock of anything that is pointed at her. Hiba can be seen disturbed and uncomfortable in a latest photograph while her brother focused a camera at her face. Hiba covered both her ears.

This photo is taken by photo journalist Kamran Yousuf who had been covering Kashmir since past five years.

Hiba Nazir’s picture stands visible of Kashmir’s pain under Indian occupation. Hiba was at the verandah of her house while she was hit by pellets. She was taken there by her mother Murzala Jan who was trying to save their kids from smoke and tear gas during an attack by the army. She could save her son but couldn’t save her daughter from the pellet, though she covered her face with her palm.

Hiba can’t go out and play now. Doctors say that Hiba may lose her eyesight.

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