Muslim student attacked by mask wearing gang; ‘Will have to face the fate of Najeeb, they threatened’ says his relative

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Malappuram government college student who was accused of sedition for pasting poster about Kashmir was attacked at his house yesterday, says his maternal uncle Jaleel. ”Last night three attackers barged into Rinshad’s house and attacked him with iron rods and sticks. Rinshad has injuries on his leg and arm”, said Jalal.

“There was nobody at home at that time. It seems there are informers around us. They threatened Rinshad that he will face the fate of Najeeb if he continue speaking against the Sangh Parivar. Even if nobody know what happened to Najeeb, these guys are clear about what happened to him. That’s how I see this.”Said Jalal.

Melattur police has filed an FIR on the incident. Today evening a people’s protest meeting is scheduled to happen at Edavathur. All political parties will participate in the meeting, including local BJP workers says Jalal. He also said the local BJP workers said that the incident is not in their knowledge.

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