UP government suspends Dr Kafeel’s release on parole, violates Supreme Court order to release prisoners in the wake of COVID19

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Yogi Adityanath led UP government suspends Dr Kafeel Khan’s release, by suspending his release order it violates the Supreme Court order to release prisoners for three months parole, in the wake of COVID19. “I got a call from Dr Kafeel Khan on sunday that his name has been removed from the list of prisoners to be released from jail on parole at the last minute”said Dr Shabista, Dr Kafeel Khan’s wife in a public message.

On 23rd, the Supreme Court of India ordered for the release of prisoners in three months parole. The order was given to all the states to consider releasing some prisoners on parole to reduce congestion. Dr Kafeel Khan is included in the list of prisoners to be released but his release is currently, suspended. Dr Kafeel’s release is suspended after “receiving an order from Lucknow”, according to his family members.

“The releasing order reached Mathura jail. Dr Kafeel was supposed to be released on 28th evening. But the jailer received an order from Lucknow to stop the release order. Dr. Kafeel is being jailed without any charges. The NSA advisory committee report was supposed to be out by now, but because of the lock down it didn’t come. What can I do? I request all of you to raise voice for Dr Kafeel. It is government’s fault. There is already a lack of doctors in India, and also at the face of a virus outbreak, how they can keep a doctor jailed without any charge?” Dr Shabista told Keyboard Journal.

“According to the given direction of release of all prisoners on parole on 23.03.2020, his name was on the list of prisoners, and it was approved by the government. On 28.03.2020, even after getting the release order his release was stalled as some higher jail official from Lucknow phoned the jail authorities. Yesterday my husband called from jail PCO at.3.16 pm and told me this. I request Honorable Supreme Court that my husband should be released as soon as possible as his health is not good too.” In an open message, Dr Shabista appealed.

The Supreme Court order asks state governments that prisoners convicted or charged with offences having jail term of up to seven years can be given parole.

“All other prisoners of Mathura jail who were in the list, convicted and under trial are released, except Dr Kafeel Khan.”said Adeel Khan, elder brother of Dr Kafeel.

“We are going to approach Allahabad high court to file habeas corpus. This is a violation of Supreme Court’s direction to release prisoners at the wake of COVID19. He is a good doctor and if he is released he will do something better for society, we need the doctor but administration is totally denying him everything.”says Dr Kafeel’s advocate Irfan Gazi.

On March 19th, Dr Kafeel Khan had written a letter to the prime minister seeking his release, citing his expertise can be of help at the time of COVID 19 outbreak. He also requested the PM to gear up mass testing in order to prevent the impending catastrophe, if COVID19 enter third stage. In the letter he had suggested the government to be prepared with COVID19 testing centers one each at all districts and enough ventilators and ICUs. But the doctors of India are still struggling with a lack of Personal Protective Equipments.

Despite of COVID19 precautionary measures and guidelines, Yogi Adityanath government had initiated the building of Ram Mandir, in the earlier days of the lock down. He also called for an unchecked Ram Navmi celebration.

After the unprepared lock down PM Modi declared on March 24, crores of migrant workers are forced to return their homes on foot, at the threat of death.

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