Jailed Manipuri Journalist Kishorechandra’s health deteriorates, “I feel Justice will be delivered”, says his wife Ranjita

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Jailed Manipuri journalist Kishorechandra Wanghemcha goes through very bad health conditions says his wife Ranjita Elangbam. Kishorechandra Wangkhemcha was jailed in November 2018 booked under National Security Act for a facebook video where he questioned the state and central governments’ decision to celebrate birth anniversary of Jhansi Rani. Meanwhile the Imphal high court has reserved the court order for the hearing of a bail plea filed by Ranjita.

“Yesterday he was brought to hospital for random blood sugar test (RBS) it was above 500. He lost weight and the weight loss was very visible. He was guarded by around 20-30 policeman. Seeing them upstairs, downstairs and in the corridor of the hospital I thought why this much of protection. After the medical checkup he was taken back to the jail. We had no chance to say something. They said if you want the prescription you can come to the jail and get it and have word with him.” Says Ranjita Elangbam.

Ranjita has been fighting and campaigning for the release of the journalist. Ranjita’s bail plea was heard at the Imphal High court but the judgment is reserved till holi. “The judges say the hearing is over, but the order is reserved. I don’t know about when it will be delivered. We came to know may be before holi they will make it but it is already holi. My life has changed after his arrest. The routine changed, the vision about life changed. Before I was very much occupied with my family, my profession but right now I am more into society and I am keen about the problems. Looking after children, job everything gets tougher. Still yes, I feel positive. I feel justice will be delivered.” Ranjita said.

In the facebook video, Kishorechandra criticized the Manipur chief minister N Biren for him being a puppet in the hands of Modi government. He was arrested under sections of 294, 500 of the IPC in addition to section 124 A. Kishorechandra Wangkhemcha was earlier working with ISTV.

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