“Our editor has been arrested, please help us find him”; The Kashmiriyat team

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“Our Editor, Qazi Shibli was arrested on 25th of July, 2019. The Kashmiriyat Team got a call the police station on 25th of July and we were asked to visit the police station for some sort of questioning. While, the other members of the team asked to leave as the day ended, Qazi Shibli was asked to stay back for further questioning. And then he was detained for at least 7-8 days. The Kashmiriyat tried to confirm the “Reason for his Detainment” but we got NO answer. Finally, the police told the family of Qazi Shibli that they would release him by 5th of Aug, 2019.

“I went to the police station to give him lunch and he sent me out to get a water bottle. As i went back with the bottle, i found him missing. I asked the concerned policeman and he said that my brother has been shifted to the Main (Saddar) police station. I went to the Saddar police station to find him, but he wasn’t there either”.

Since then The Kashmiriyat Team and his family have been looking for his whereabouts but there has has been NO CONCRETE information. “We know that he has no money on him and he doesn’t have any clothes either. They don’t even allow us to go inside the police station”.

His brother Qazi Umair took to Facebook “People say that he has been shifted to Agra. He doesnt have any money or clothes as they didnt intimate the family before shifting him. I have been trying to confirm his whereabouts from past 3 weeks but all in vein. Yesterday i made a call to the Agra police station where the person mentioned that “he doesn’t have any information”. Really tensed and worried about the wherabouts and safety of my brother”.

We request everyone to provide us any possible information.”


originally published in The Kashmiriyat.

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