SOS: Kashmiris seeking help and resort in the wake of wide spread attack against them throughout India

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SOS messages from Kashmiris living in India and out become widespread all over the world after attack against Kashmiris living in India turned furious and life threatening. Kashmiris are facing nationalistic and jingoistic mob attacks in India after the Pulwama suicide attack which killed forty nine defense personnel.

Concerned individuals are opening their doors to safeguard Kashmiris whose lives are at risk. The messages which are spread under the hash tag #UnHateNow is trending worldwide.


Kashmiri students were attacked in various universities all over India.

Students were attacked in Guwahati, Dehradun, and Aligarh. Kashmiris living in Hindu dominated Jammu are also facing attacks.

In protesting these attacks the shops are shut down in Kashmir, the decision is taken collectively by Kashmiri traders and youngsters.

Meanwhile, Sikhs in Jammu have opened their Gurudwaras for Kashmiris to shelter.

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