“The third phase of COVID 19 is going to be dangerous, people should not take it lightly”, Dr Kafeel Khan’s message

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“The third phase of COVID 19 is going to be dangerous, people should not take it lightly,” says Dr Kafeel Khan, who was presented before an advisory board committee on the National Security Act charged upon him, in Luknow today.

Dr Kafeel’s brother in law, Samar Khan who met him told that Dr Kafeel is very concerned about the virus outbreak. These are few things Dr Kafeel pointed out regarding the COVID 19.

-Using mask is not just the solution. Using mask is not a cure for COVID 19. Mask is for doctors, nurses and paramedics. After using the mask, if you touch it, then it is a waste. Normal masks are complete waste.  If you are wearing a mask, wear N95 mask, which has respiratory settings.

-Wash your hands every hour, for twenty seconds, wash your nails properly.

-Avoid travelling unnecessary, avoid mass gatherings.

-The third phase is going to be dangerous; people should not take it lightly. They shouldn’t panic, but they should take precautions.

According to the Ministry of Health and Family welfare the number of those who are affected by the virus are 125. Incidents of lying to medical officials even when being positive to COVID 19 are being reported. Almost all the state governments are taking preventive measures but few health activists and doctors thinks that there is a fail to increase numbers of those who undergo tests and government is hiding the actual number of COVID19 positive cases.


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