NIA court imposes inhumane conditions; Maudany not Allowed to Speak as he visits his ailing mother

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Bengaluru: Stringent and unusual bail conditions imposed  by NIA court restricts PDP chairman Abdul Nazar Maudany from talking to anyone during his visit to his ailing mother Asma Beevi. Maudany’s movements are restricted to Bengaluru had sought for bail relaxation to meet his mother who is at the intense stage of cancer. The prosecution responded that he can go and visit his mother in Kerala but he must not address the media and not to talk to his party members. Maudany responded to this strange condition in a facebook video.

“My mother is going through the critical stage of cancer. She falls unconscious and whenever she is conscious she says she wants to meet me. This could be the final meeting possible. I sought permission to meet my mother. The prosecutor who always behaves mean opposed my plea. But my advocates sought a positive verdict but they put conditions which are absolutely unacceptable to me. I can’t admit those conditions. They are not to talk to the media, not to talk about my case etc. are conditions I can admit. But there are conditions which are completely unacceptable. They are not to talk to anyone. Not to talk to any party leader and not to talk to my friends. The court asks me to send away those who come to meet me. I have never heard of such conditions before.

All those who help me are PDP activists. They all are party members. If I talk to my friends, neighbors and relatives they will report it as contempt of court which will put me in more trouble. It is very painful that court approaches are this way. Even when my ailing mother is in deathbed, I am in a state that I can’t come. All those who would follow me to Kerala are party activists.

The conditions in the verdict are more harmful than the prosecutor himself. Since I have all the democratic rights I say this verdict is absurd. I was in hope that I would be able to meet my dear mother for the last one time soon. I don’t know how effective would that be. I will think of moving legally. I seek prayers of my brothers and sisters. I am sure that I didn’t bend my head before none other than almighty. You all pray for me to have this will power to continue.”

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