Rahul Easwar allowed to go live from police custody; says police didnt buy them food-Watch Video

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Rahul Easwar, a member of Thazhamon thanthri family and organizer of anti women protests at Sabarimala was allowed to go live after he was arrested last day under nonbailable charges at Nilakkal after many female reporters were attacked by violent mob that came together under Sangh Parivar organisations. He appeared on live from a police vehicle while he and others arrested were being taken to Kottarakara prison. In the video he complained that they were not given any food till 2 AM in the morning. ”We are being taken to Kottarakkara Jail, 20 people are arrested including me, they are planning to dump us into dungeons for two three days, they do this to us for the crimes we haven’t committed. we haven’t eaten any food till 2 AM” Rahul says in the video. He also urged the remaining protestors to continue the strike.

Rahul Easwar reminds of Shambhulal Regar who burnt Afrazul  Khan alive in December 2017 alleging Love Jihad. Shambhulal Regar also could do facebook live from jail during his custody  and reach out to his followers.

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