“They have made people to die inside the house, how would a daily wage laborer survive?”; A Kashmiri woman speaks out

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A twenty five years old Kashmiri woman who returned from Kashmir to her parents in Kerala speaks out about the current situation. She spoke on the condition of anonymity. She had been working in Srinagar. 

“If the people are caged, schools are shut down, universities are closed, you are not even being able to communicate because all communication possibilities are down and there are violations of human rights, how could you say it is normal over there? Nothing is normal, our fundamental rights are being snatched, we are not even able to protest, there are protests going on in few areas, all our rights are being violated. It is difficult to survive, strive there. In Soura a seven years old girl who went out to play was shot at sight by the army on Eid day. She was shot at her eye and she lost her eye.

No access to basic facilities

Shops remain closed. Only one time, in few areas sometimes a shop opens. But stocks in the shops are almost finished. It was in the air, we were not informed about what was going to happen, but a fake news was spread even by the government agencies, the governor himself lied to us, that terrorists are planning an attack on Amarnath yatris, nothing like that happened, saying this he evacuated all the tourists, all the yatris from J&K, to impose these restrictions over the civilians. Everyone lied to us. Even the governor gave a statement that he didn’t know anything about this.

There is lack of basic facilities, you can’t even SMS to someone. If someone is ill, if there is a patient in the house, if there are expecting mothers in these houses they even can’t call the ambulance emergency services. Patients who suffer from chronic diseases can’t call anyone for help. This is the toughest situation ever we are facing since 1947. This is the first time it happened, yeah there were restrictions when something happened. They just used to block the internet, 4G to 2G, but this is a huge blunder they have done. They have made people to suffer, they have made people to die inside the house because no one is there to ask them or offer them help.

Daily income stopped

The people who used to earn bread by doing menial jobs, the labor class, how will they get work? They are definitely going to die, no one is going to help them. They can’t even communicate with other one. Security personals are imposed at every nook and corner. They are not allowing us to go out. Even during the Eid celebration we were not allowed to go out to offer the Eid prayers. It was the toughest restrictions and the PM on his speech he said Eid Mubarak, it was his way, whatever he has done, we are sorry for his decision. He has done something illegal, how could he do this without asking us, without our will. He has caged us, it is just like the medieval period the kings used to do. They just cage the people inside. They just impose the power, he will not get anything, people are suffering over there.

People are just watching now how the youth of India will do for us

What will they do?  We are just watching will the educated youth of India stand for us. In the suffering we are going on or the pain we are feeling. It is just the time to watch out. The press is not even allowed to cover. No media is allowed to cover there. Only government decides the footage, they capture the footage and they give it to their own media channels to show normalcy. If you are caging people inside, closing the institutions, shutting down the communication, you call this normalcy? Then I have to beg pardon, it is not normalcy at all. Even many exams got cancelled. Education is completely off.

Haryana Chief minister’s comment on Kashmiri women is showing his disrespect towards women. He shows how much educated he is. How could he this? Women is not a luggage anyone can choose and carry. There is a rich history of women in the freedom movement, not just women, there are young boys, brave boys… even the children now are part of the movement.

They are not playing politics, they have a criminal background

The BJP purchased MPs of Karnataka by paying them crores to assure majority in Parliament, current government is not playing politics, they are doing ‘goondaraj’, they are killing the Indian democracy. If they have done this to Kashmir, they will do this to any other region. First they have to dissolve the assembly, they have to purchase the MPs by the power of money. When Rahul Gandhi commented on the current crisis they called him anti-national, but he said the truth. They are not playing politics, they have a criminal background.

In Kashmir after PDP allying with this government the circumstances went worst. BJP played politics there to destroy the political climate, so that they could dissolve the assembly and they could scrap these articles.

In Kashmir you won’t find poverty. Our GDP is very good. In entire India the average of job crisis comes to six and something, but in Kashmir it is five. We have enough resources. So they can’t justify this by saying we are in poverty and economic crisis. They can’t justify this by saying our political leaders are corrupted.

They have done this to the people, do you think the people will be happy? If we are caged, mothers are dying, fathers are dying, or parents are not well, how will they move to the hospital or call a doctor or someone else for help? They are making the youth more angry. They have spoiled everything, they spoiled the peaceful climate. That is the whole result. The winter is approaching, now it is more than twelve days Kashmiris are out of communication, we are out of zone, is it humanity?

I am thinking of those people who work on a daily basis to earn some wages to run their family, what they have done?

They have paid the whole media

They have to tell that everything is normal because it is an international issue, international leaders are involved, it reached the UNO and its security council. It is in the air that China is definitely going to war, they are demanding Ladakh. China is more powerful. Pakistan is also raising this issue.

Judges in Supreme Court are all paid. Media is paid. They are looting the country. There is aadhar card scam, they are looting the people. India is coming to the recession level. We were not able to book the tickets, how will we get the PNR? We went to airport, airport is so far from our place. We struggled to even move. There was a long queue on the ticket counter, we didn’t know which ticket would fit in to our budget. Many people struggled because they wanted to rush out.

The government is saying curfew is eased. Curfew is eased in some districts of Jammu. I can’t believe on the media whatever they say. Some districts of Jammu are out of communication, they had also protested.

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